My Story

cropped-img-4633.jpgHello friends!

I’m Ashleigh. A holistic health and fitness gal in DSM, IA.

My love for health and fitness started after graduating high school and after much trial and error with food. I have always been a foodie. I LOVE food. My favorite way to treat myself after a long week/day/month/etc. is with food. BUT I crave healthy foods.

I am a fitness nutritionist who is very passionate about the teachings of holistic food and healing through natural remedies.

I also love to teach workouts, lifestyle tips and more. I talk a lot so I created this blog to basically talk more, document what I do and hopefully teach others through my trial and error what healthy is and how to feel that way.

To me, healthy is feeling good in your own skin, confidence and eating a diet that makes your body and mind fueled and energized.

This blog will take you through my life, what I have learned and what I think all of you could benefit from knowing.

I hope you enjoy taking a look inside of my wild squirrel brain, there’s so much information to share.

It’s such a beautiful life we get to live, why not live it feeling good?

Thank you for visiting!

-Ashleigh Edwards